Member Qualifications and Benefits

Member Properties

Those eligible to apply for membership of the association must be juristic persons, including the university.

Membership Fees

Pay the first registration fee of 1,000 baht and the annual membership fee of 10,000 baht, which will be charged as a quarterly membership period.


These include receiving bioplastic news, having the right to vote in associations, obtaining privileges such as the right to use decayable plastic labels at special prices, the right to receive discounts to attend meetings and visits to bioplastics factories abroad and abroad in conjunction with the Association.

How to pay

Kasikorn Bank Savings Account Suntowers Branch Account Name: Thai Bioplastics Industry Association Account Number: 696-2-07803-4

Download the association subscription form here Click!

Remark: The maintenance fee for the Association has no VAT of 7% and cannot be withheld 3% if in doubt. For more information, please contact Khun Kalya Nimmanawattana E-mail: or call 096-7269646

Current Member List